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Online Slots

The popularity of online slot is a result of the convenience it offers and the promise of landing the player some huge payouts increased by the added integration of the payment platforms that allows players to access money from their bank accounts and load it into the game as quickly and conveniently as possible.


Types of Slots

The original slot machine had three reels arranged horizontally. One played by pushing a handle on the left hand of the machine to take turns in spinning the three different reels. The reels had poker cards images and matching three pictures in a horizontal line meant you are a winner. The amount to be won was dictated by the value of the cards matched. The horizontal line in which the three cards matched is referred to as a payline.

The modern day slot machine has evolved significantly from the initial version of the one-armed bandit; with the slot casinos launched to the online platform, the gaming technologies meant that the casinos could offer new features on the game. The types of slot machine available online as at today are: –

  • Three Reels Slot. This is the most common. The display will feature three cards from a reel; meaning there will be a total of nine cards displayed on the three reels.  Meaning a player can have up to 5 ways of winning in the game (three horizontal paylines and two diagonal to match any three cards)
  • Five reels slot.  These features five reels but is very similar to the three reels slots machine: This means the total number of cards displayed is fifteen  Paylines are shown by lighting up in a different color which is usually shown on the left and right side of the card reels. The five reels machine features more paylines than the three reels one.
  • Bonus Slot. The slot machine includes a particular symbol that depicts a bonus that must appear on the middle row of the three reels. When one matched the three bonus symbols, a bonus payout accrues to the player.
  • Feature slot. These special feature symbols called scatter symbols. When the scatter symbols appear in a particular pre-described combination,  the player is entitled to special rewards as free online slots spins. These rewards are pre-described by the casinos
  • Progressive Slot. These are individual jackpots that can be included in either the three reel, five reels, bonus or featured game. These jackpots are possible when playing online with linked machines. The different devices, each contribute a portion of the jackpot price that is collectively given during the payout. The jackpot is won when a described number of combination symbols is displayed.

The Most Popular Slots

Landing Casino is a renowned gaming club that offers a gaming experience to remember. After reliable online slots reviews, these are the best online slots for you:

  1. The Book of Ra. The game is famous as it captures the essence of Ancient Egypt mythology. The graphics also depicts the rich Egyptian history with matching sound effects. The game contains five reels and nine paylines. Winning on this game will mean connecting three matching symbols from left to right, sometimes the requirement will be five symbols.
  2. Lucky Lady’s Charm. The game has five reels and line slots and features captivating graphics. Winning is made by matching three, four or five symbols on the various paylines while the Joker can substitute any of the symbols.
  3. Sizzling Hot. This game is much similar to lucky lady’s charm and is very popular among gamblers as it also features great graphics and lots of bonus features.
  4. Other popular games include Fruit Cocktail that features fruit images on the slots, garage slots what features various garage tools as graphics, Ultra hot, beetle mania featuring different insect graphics, Dolphins that features aquatic images,  pearl deluxe, Queen of Hearts, The money game,  Atilla, Ugga Bugga slots just to mention a few.

In all the games, many graphics are featured and combining the various images on the cards means the winning of the pre-described cash or bonus prizes.

Some factors to consider when you play slots online for real money at landings:

  • It is not easy to find a slot machine that plays for real money. For beginners in the betting games, it is harder to find a slot that plays for real money as most will offer bonus plays to win the money. However, there are demos available for you.
  • When you play at landings, the online game slots will not only give you the experience to make you feel like a boss, but we will offer you play for real money online slots in the UK.

The real money game is growing in popularity among players who are looking for the thrill of the real money game. Landings offer the most interactive gaming experience and a wide variety of games to sample. The linking of the games across our online platforms enable us to be able to provide huge payouts that would not otherwise be possible in single play.